How do I Know When My Cat is Sick

How do I Know When My Cat is Sick

How do I know that my cat is sick? Is a question arises in our mind when we saw some strange activities shown by our cat. The following are some of the cat sickness symptoms should indicate to you that something is not right with your cat and watch out her each and every activity:

  1. Your cat’s behavior changes it becomes withdrawn and less active.
  2. Your cat exhibits a change in appetite that lasts for a few days. Loss of appetite (anorexia) or increased appetite (polyphagia) may indicate disease.
  3. Your cat is urinating more or less than normal.
  4. Your cat exhibits either vomiting or diarrhea for an extended period. Fluid is lost during vomiting and diarrhea, and dehydration (depletion of body water), a serious situation, can result. There can be hairball vomiting problem also, she might be suffering from. In this case try to remove extra hair from her body with the help of some brush. In order she will not lick her hairs anymore. This is the sick cat know.
  5. There can be change in her diet and thirst, it can increase a lot or can decrease a lot. Both the symptoms show that the cat is not fine and is suffering from some problem.
  6. If she is closing and opening her eyes most of the time and water is running out of her eyes. This shows that she is suffering from eyes infection, which is very common.

These are some of the symptoms of sick cat or you can say ill cat’s symptoms.

Is Your Cat Dehydrated?

How to know my cat is sick? Pick up a fold of skin in the middle back area. If it snaps back rapidly, your pet is not dehydrated. If it stays up or returns slowly, dehydration is present. Do not test the skin in the neck area; this is normally loose in many animals and will give you false results. These are some ill cat’s symptoms. If dehydration is present, your doctor will find the underlying cause and will give fluids intravenously (in the blood vessel) or subcutaneously (under the skin) to replace the water lost.

Is Your Cat in Pain?

Lameness, a stiff neck, reluctance to get up or lie down, or tense abdominal muscles is indicators that your pet is in pain. If you see any physical change in your pet cat’s body than this is the indication that she is not well. At that time either she is an ill cat or she is a sick cat. There can be swallowing in her any body part and if your ill cat is feeling very uneasy, uncomfortable than firstly try to check her from outside only. May be problem is in front of you and you are not able to find it out. You can even try this from your own, if you see your cat is showing laziness but from outside she is completely fine than press her body slowly. Keep pressing her body slowly from one side and check like this for the whole body.

What Is Your Cat’s Temperature?

A normal temperature is from 101.0°F to 102.5°F. Anything higher indicates a problem that needs professional attention. First of all choose rectal cat thermometers for taking the temperature of your cat because this is the best thermometer suggested by most of the veterinarian. You can choose any other thermometer also but take care of one thing that your cat should not bite you, while using thermometer.
When your cat is sick, all you have to do is to figure out symptoms and try to detect the problem and if you are not able to detect than rush to your near by veterinarian and tell him that your cat is sick before the condition will become worst.

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