Dog Tail

Dog Tail

Dislocations occur in the tails and the toes of dogs of all breeds. Puppies born with tails that bend backward actually have dislocated vertebrae (an uncorrectable condition). Bending the tail to straighten it usually results in breaking it or damaging it so severely that the end below the break dies and must be removed.
Toes that are broken at the joints usually are easily repaired by applying casts to the feet after reduction or setting. But when a ligament of the toes is cut or broken, it seldom regenerates and the nail bends upward. This is a familiar sight to veterinarians, who see so many steel-trap wounds.
The dog’s tail speaks a lot regarding the mood and overall personality of the dog. Dog owners or dog specialists do not take much time to interpret the mood of a dog by recognizing the physical appearance including the tail. The following are some information on the various signs indicated by the different movement of tails.

Dog Tail Signs

  1. A tail which is hanging horizontally but not stiff indicates that the dog is inattentive mood and is trying to interpret an object which is appearing interesting.
  2. If the tail of the dog is hanging horizontally but stiff means that the dog is in the condition of confronting an individual or any another animal who is stranger to him or happens to be his enemy.
  3. An upright tail of a dog would suggest that the dog is holding his authority and is in the mood of dominating anyone with whom he would encounter.
  4. The gesture of an upright tail which is turned towards the back of the dog exudes immense self-control and trust on himself and his loved ones.
  5. If the tail of the dog seems to be in the downward direction almost close to the hind legs and the edges are stiff with slight movement indicates that the dog is not feeling well. A tail which is placed further downwards reveals the sign of insecurity.
  6. The tail which is hidden in between the legs shows that the dog is either in fear or in a submission mood.
  7. If you find that the dog has raised its tail and wagging it in a rhythmic note, it would mean that the dog is on guard and highly alert to protect its territory or his master’s house.
  8. A light wagging of tail would indicate that the dog is in a welcoming mood and is in the mood of getting a pat or a loving gesture from its owner.
  9. Rapid and round way of wagging the tail of the dog would indicate that the dog is in the mood of delivering his love for his beloved. This type of gesture of wagging the tail is also seen in dogs that are in a mock fight.
  10. In case a dog is wagging its tail very slowly it would mean that the dog is actually trying to comprehend you. It is willing to understand your gestures and you will find once it is able to know you the tail would start moving faster.

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