Dog Personality Guide

Dog Personality Guide

There can be little argument that personality traits are inherited as are coat, eye color, and scenting either with the nose close to the ground, as with hounds, or with head high, as with bird dogs. To breed dogs with good dispositions is one of the easier challenges for the breeder and yet there are perhaps ten casual mating’s for each well-studied mating. With such odds of personality traits that are unacceptable. Strains of some breeds are bred by design to attack and guard dog. Unfortunately many of these puppies find their way into households where there is no one to train them and they grow up to be dangerous dog.
Because of the unfortunate but necessary experience of destroying unwanted dogs in pounds it is obvious that fully half of them are personality misfits; in other words, they are untrustworthy and will bite. This destruction of unwanted unfit dog is tragic but it does destroy genetic material that should not be reproduced.
Every breeding there should be an unbiased committee of three people, one of whom might be a veterinarian, to approve the male and female before a mating. Most dogs with personality problem scan should be spotted by strangers who can examine the dog in the absence of the owners.
Information on Dog personality Guide
Different breeds of dogs have variety of personalities. Like humans the personality varies from one dog to another and as a result of which you will find the technique of learning and performing their work defers. Some dogs work well under soft spoke instructions while some needs to be ordered in a firm voice. Some dogs when alarmed stand fixed on the ground while another panic. Some dogs require ample space to move while some prefer to lean on their owners for support.
Dog specialists have characterized the personality of a dog into 4 categories, prey, pack, flight and fight.
The prey drive of dogs consists of hunting on smaller sized animals and devouring them. The pet dogs that have high prey drive are generally seen to be pouncing on their toys, pillows, pursuing cats or any small object that is moving.
The pack drive dogs are those that have the natural instinct of staying in packs. The pet dogs of pack drive generally love to be in company with humans, especially his master, prefers to be groomed and touched. It would love to play with the other dogs and love to listen to the voice of his master.
The dogs of high fight drive are generally characterized by standing strong on the ground and are always in the mood of defending oneself and its family. They are always up to protecting their own territory, food and toys. They tolerate grooming and patting but do not enjoy them. These types of dogs abound in self-confidence but sometimes may be the victim of being over stressed.
The flight drive is also a kind of defense mechanism in a dog which has very low slef confidence. In a confused situation the dog would be seen behind his master and separated from his owner may turn out be too stressed and may even bite. Under the stage of turmoil, they are often seen urinating or crawl on the belly.
All dogs more or less need training to some extent to enhance their quality of living.

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